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We offer high-quality professional development of the web site or web portal.


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A bad website is a luxury that good company can not afford
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Mobile Applications

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Increase the presence of your business on mobile phones. Our team offers design and development of Android applications.



Expand your business with our services.

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A team of certified professionals, who pay attention to every detail of the product ensures the highest quality of service.

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Most of our customers work with us for years, because we are committed to their success on the Internet. We guarantee to all features and full compatibility.

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With experience comes efficiency. We deliver our solutions in the shortest terms to meet your requirements.

Common desire to achieve a lot, that brought us together and led to forming an ambitious team that is always ready to give much more than was expected of him

RiM Team

Our Team

RiM team is a development-oriented team which develops and upgrades small and medium-sized firms business through improving their Internet presentation.

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HTML5, CSS3, Javascript


Web graphics & animations

Visual ideation

Print Design & Multimedia

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Expert knowledge in the field of IT

Logical and analytical thinking

PHP, Java,, Wordpress

Laravel, Zend framework

Working with databases

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SEO & Content creator

SEO & Content creator

Improving search visibility

On site & Off site SEO

Keywords & "Long tail"

Content optimization

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


The basis of our design achievements is your individual essence. In accordance with your permission we add our ideas and creativity. With the help of the most advanced programs, respecting your wishes and ideas, connecting the first and most recent knowledge of modern technology and constant and hard work on the training, we offer you our services, convinced that we will meet your expectations.


  • Html5 & Css3

  • PHP & Laravel & Mysql

  • Wordpress

  • Android Development


Quality and respect mutual agreement guarantee regular maintenance of communication and after fulfilling the required services. We hold firm step with time, in all areas of information technology and information systems, and you can see here everything what we offer to you.


Our Mission

We develop high-quality websites, with professional design and all functionalities necessary for our clients

The stable relationship we build with customers is based, above all, on the principle of honest communication. We provide information and find solutions to problems transparently and responsibly. We want our customers to understand the way we work, because we are aware of the fact that acting together, we can achieve better results.

RiM Team

We realize that just being an expert is not enough to achieve desired results in the world of globalization and high competition that rules nowadays. That is why, besides being experts, we are oriented toward finding innovative and creative solutions.Creative and innovative solutions themselves are not enough unless they are also fast and efficient.

RiM Team

Our job is to follow and understand the needs of our clients and to use creative and innovative solutions to improve their business. By developing our clients’ business, we also grow and develop, and the number of satisfied clients and service quality make us recognizable at the global market of Internet marketing.

RiM Team

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

We Offer

Our clients do are very satisfied with our work. Be You

Web solutions
  • Creating high-quality Web sites
  • Creating sites with responsive design.
  • Upgrading existing websites
  • Redizajn postojećeg web sajta
  • SEO site optimization
  • Consultations about the site
Android applications
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Interactivity and required personalization
  • Optimized with mobile devices
  • Follows actual standars
  • Security testings
  • Consultations about the app
Supporting services
  • Domain names and hosting
  • Creating site content
  • Photographic services
  • Maintenance of the products
  • Availability for our clients
  • Pleasant and correct attitude

As the old saying goes - “time is money”. We absolutely respect our customers’ time and we provide services within the agreed time.

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RiM Team

We build a long-term relationship with customers, based on mutual trust, appreciation and respect.We like teamwork because we know that “three heads are better than one”. We get to solutions carefully and we take ownership of our work.


Contact us and we will create a solution that the best suits tyour needs.

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